la probabilidad

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 Dearest Mr Unwin:

It is a pleasure and delight to receive your email.
I came across your book some time ago and enjoyed the brightness of your mind and the enlightenment of your soul. Such a mixture seems to be more and more difficult to find nowadays.

The exhibition at EDS Gallery is a group of personal reflections made in a form of art about the existence of a superior being. Each of the artworks represent my feelings about this metaphysical issue in different periods of time.

Your formula appeared to me as a strong poetical (even if it intended to be mathematical) attempt to demonstrate the impossible. I say it is poetical because it communicates to people in a non-verbal, non-numerical way but beyond.

I believe every intelligent man should always think about transcendental questions. Easy answers are for lazy souls. I dont like atheists who say: when you die that's it!, but i also don't like religious people who hide their own doubts behind dogma and costumes. I believe we are skeptical men of restless minds and souls. And by skeptical, I mean someone who doubt AND search for answers.
Your book is an inspiring book because it tells everyone we should try to answer our questions with the tools we have. You do it with math, i do it with art.

For the invitation of the exhibition i took a photograph of a blackboard with the formula and for the exhibition, a wall was painted in green and your name and Bayes are written down on it. Plus in the exhibition text (available plastified in the exhibition room) credit is given to you. I will send a copy
to you when i get back to Mexico because at the moment i am in Brussels.

I will also send images of other works so you might get a better idea of what i do. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or suggestions. I will do that later on with my own questions bout your book.

And thank you again for your everything.

Plinio Avila

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