boarding passes

Since 2005 I have divided my life in two. Spending two months in Mexico and two months in Europe. First Belgium, now Germany.

In Mexico I am a lithography printer and I've been director a printstudio for 11 years. I collaborate technically with artists to create their limited editions. In Berlin I am a contemporary artist.

At first it was difficult to cope with the constant and repeating jetlag and cultural shock: change of country, language, diet, friends, humor and the everyday life. With time, even my processes of thinking and personality would change from one place to the other.

Now i understand that's who I am and that's precisely the only way my life functions and i am happy.

Just as my friend Emilio Chapela commented on Facebook recently: "He does not adapt, there are two Plinios! One day he holds a Martini at 'Der Würgeengel', and next he drinks mezcal with a sombrero and 'piteado belt'! It's normal!"

The switch happens during the flight. On the little boarding pass, i make drawings of what i see. From general to particular: the horizon, the clouds, the airplane wings, the window and the seats. To represent the even more particular: memories, thoughts, ideas, emotions and motivations.

These drawings represent the expectancy of the future and the feeling of "going somewhere". Literally and metaphorically.

(185 drawings so far)

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